Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finding the right fertility doctor for you.

Finding the right fertility clinic and infertility specialist can make your journey towards pregnancy much smoother and easier! 
“You’ve been trying to conceive and it hasn’t happened. Maybe you’ve been aiming for pregnancy for six months, a year, or three years, Maybe you’ve talked about it with your partner, your doctor, your friends. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’re gung-ho about getting help and your partner is foot-dragging. Maybe you’re reticent, nervous, or scared. Everyone’s situation is singular. But there is one universal imperative binding all of us…the search for understanding.”
The right fertility clinic and specialist will give you understanding — and hopefully a baby or two!

here are some ways to find the right fertility doctor…

1.)Ask your friends, family members, and colleagues around about infertility specialists. The best way to start a search for fertility doctors is to talk with friends who have had a good experience with someone. Infertility can be an embarrassing thing to talk about, but if you can overcoming the stigma of infertility, you’ll dig up some invaluable and even fascinating information about getting pregnant! I’m always shocked at how many people I know who’ve dealt with or are coping with infertility issues…it’s more common than you think.

2.)Talk to several infertility doctors. Before you jump into the possible treatments at any fertility clinic, ask questions such as: What is your training? How much experience do you have? What is your philosophy or therapeutic approach? What’s your success rate? A good fertility specialist will be happy to give you information about their education and experience. Write down your questions and answers before you go into your appointments. Make sure the fertility specialist has experience with your particular type of infertility.

3.)Google or do an internet search for the terms “fertility clinic”, “infertility specialist”, and “fertility doctor” in your area. Many good fertility clinics advertise in the phone book or through their own website. Some fertility clinics have websites that allow you to send a blind email so you can remain anonymous. Ask for specific information about your specific issue – go beyond the “we can’t get pregnant because of female infertility or infertility.” Instead, ask about your polycystic ovarian syndrome or your partner’s low sperm count.

4).Google or do an internet search for a specific infertility specialist. After you get the name of a clinic or two, search for their specific name. You may find additional information from patients or friends or family members of patients. When you’re finding the right fertility clinic, it’s good to learn as much as you can. But, remember to take each opinion with a grain of salt. Everyone has different experiences, and yours might be better than the worst situation you read about. But still, it’s good to hear what others are saying – and it’s good to talk to your fertility specialist about what you learned.

5.)Trust your gut from Day One. If you’re not comfortable with or simply don’t like your infertility specialist, then walk away right away. Don’t stick around, hoping things get better or that your gut instincts are wrong. If you’re unhappy with your fertility clinic at the beginning, it won’t likely get better. Infertility — and all the fertility treatments and tests — are far too important to be treated likely, so don’t brush away your concerns or bad vibes! Trust your gut.

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